Rhinoplasty- What You need to Know

Rhinoplasty refers to a surgical procedure performed on the nose. This is often called “Nose Job”. The procedure is performed on those who are having breathing problems and have had any difficulty with the nostril’s placement since birth. The size, width, and position of the nasal can be altered by rhinoplasty going here.

Rhinoplasty is also performed if there is a bump in the nose area or to correct an enlarged end. Rhinoplasty is typically performed as either an open procedure, or even a close procedure.

Open Rhinoplasty

Endonasal Rhinoplasty

Open Rhinoplasty

The wide open rhinoplasty procedure involves making the incisions outside of the nostril. The open rhinoplasty allows the nose to be opened completely. This gives a clearer view of the nasal anatomy. A small scar will appear on the lower nasal area. This may not be noticeable after the procedure.

Endonasal Rhinoplasty:

When performing endonasal surgery, the incisions will be made within your nasal structure. Surgeons feel that an endonasal Rhinoplasty allows them to see the nasal structures in a more detailed way. This surgery is different from the open Rhinoplasty because it completely eliminates the incision on the lower nostril.

When rhinoplasty surgery is done, the results are often long lasting. If you want to get the surgery done, make sure your nose is completely developed. Later growth can interfere with your procedure.

Now the choice of your surgeon is crucial. Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon to perform rhinoplasty will have a lasting positive or negative effect. Many plastic surgeons are available but only the best will deliver the best results. Here are a couple of tips to choose the best surgeon.

Doctors should be very experienced, and they must know exactly what procedures will be performed on you.

He/she should be a trained surgeon, and you should review the feedback from his previous clients.

He/she can answer all of your questions about your procedure.

He/she must explain clearly the risks and complications of surgery and what to expect afterwards.

You will be mentally prepared for your surgery by him/her.

As a cosmetic surgeon he/she should go over and above to make sure you have a “wow’ experience.

Assess the surgeons’ before and after photos of previous patients.

Lastly, and most importantly, the surgeon should make sure you are comfortable. They must also display excellent skills in handling patients. Not only the physician but also the staff are able to make you relaxed, which can lead to the best outcome for your rhinoplasty.

If you are contemplating Rhinoplasty the above information will hopefully help you make a better choice on whether you actually need it or who you want to perform this operation for you. Not only can a nose job improve your health, but it will also help you to be aware of how you look.